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Jan. 9th, 2006 @ 03:36 pm [Story] "Beauty Pageant" A MLP FanFic.
Wow! Color me surprised to see that no one else had taken the time to post a MLP FanFic here in this community. I wonder then, where folks post their MLP FanFic's because I'm certain there are folks writing them.

In either case, I've joined this one and figure since I wrote a FanFic, I'll post it here.

The story takes place using current day characters. It contains some light AgePlay elements and some humorous situations, but overall I think it's "G" rated.

The list mods are free to delete it if they feel it's offensive. Just make a post and let me know.


Swift Fox

Beauty Pageant

A My Little Pony FanFic
By Swift Fox

The sun was shining brightly on another beautiful morning in Ponyland as the little ponies went about their day making pretty things, cooking up yummy stuff to eat and visiting with friends.

Rainbow Dash’s talent was decorating Ponyville in bright, rainbow colors and today was no exception. She was a lilac blue pony with a long tail and beautiful mane that alternated the colors of the rainbow from red to violet. On her haunch was a brilliant rainbow arching from two puffy white clouds. Trotting along, inspecting all the things she had done yesterday she stopped to say hello to one of her pony friends, Bowtie. Bowtie was a white pony with a tail and mane of red, turquoise and purple. Her special symbol on her haunch was two pretty bowties in red and turquoise with colorful streamers below.

“Good morning Bowtie, darlin'.” Rainbow Dash nickered, “You look absolutely fabulous today."

"Hello Rainbow, you are beautiful as usual this morning.” Bowtie smiled and replied, “How are you?"

"Simply fabulous darling. Just fabulous." Rainbow gladly admitted, shaking her neck which caused her mane to dance along her back and shoulders.

"What are you up to today?” The white pony asked then continued with a suggestion, “Are you up for a beauty pageant?"

"Sure!" Rainbow nickered, "But only if you're ready to lose to me yet again darling."

Bowtie laughed at her friend’s confidence and fired back, “I will not make it so easy on you this time."

"I'd expect nothing less my friend." Rainbow said with a smile and a wink, "Back here in two hours and may the prettiest pony win!"

"You’re on!” Bowtie said, shaking Rainbow Dash’s hoof. The she turned to trot off to her stable to get herself ready. Rainbow Dash did the same and she trots off to her stable.

Bowtie giggled to herself as she gathered together all the items she would need to make herself one of the prettiest ponies in Pony Land. She had planned for this day for the last two weeks, rooting through some old boxes looking for ideas and secretly working with a couple of her other pony friends to make those ideas a reality. She thought of the look on Rainbow’s muzzle when she, Bowtie, finally bested the blue ribbon, lilac blue pony, as she brushed out her tail and mane.

Rainbow Dash was thinking something a little different. She was the undisputed champion when it came to beauty and she had the blue ribbons and wreaths of roses hanging on the wall of her stall to prove it. She hated to win over her friends, but she always encouraged them to keep trying. She was friendly and free with her advice to her pony friends on how they could keep themselves beautiful all year long. So Rainbow went through the usual motions of combing out her mane and tail and gathering the, curlers, clips and ribbons necessary to make her colorful locks look the best they could.

The news traveled quickly around Ponyville that Bowtie had yet again challenged Rainbow Dash to a beauty pageant. As usual a large crowd of ponies, in a rainbow of colors, had gathered to see how this showdown would play out and to cast their vote for the prettiest pony. A couple of the ponies in the audience had secretly helped Bowtie with her plan and were curious to see the finished pony. But they all kept the secret and didn’t say a word to even their closest friends.

Finally the waiting was over. It was noon and the sun was high overhead to cast a favorable light on both the contestants. Two hours had passed and both Rainbow Dash and Bowtie were now at the band shell awaiting their turn to strut their stuff. Bowtie was nervous as she waited back stage for her name to be called. Rainbow Dash was confident with herself as she made a few last minute touch ups to her hooves and lilac blue coat.

Thistle Whistle, the blue Pegasus pony, swooped down from the sky and landed with a clatter of hooves on the wooden stage. Giving a shrill whistle she got the assembled ponies attention and quieted them down.

“Ponies and Fillies of all shades and colors.” She began, “Welcome to yet another contest of cuteness as Bowtie pony takes on the current champion Rainbow Dash pony!”

A loud cheer of whinnies and nickers erupted as each pony’s name was announced.

Thistle Whistle whistled again to bring order to the audience so she could call out the first pony. “Alright my pony friends. As is proper in these pageants, the challenged pony gets to come out first.” Thistle began, “So let me introduce to you…the blue ribbon holder for most beautiful pony and Ms. Ponyland herself…Miss Rainbow Dash pony!”

Rainbow Dash cantered onto the stage amid a chorus of ponies cheering her name. Her tail and mane were tied in perfect French braids, planted with stems of white posies, tied with white ribbons. The ends were curled and they shimmered as the sun’s rays fell upon them. A lock of her rainbow mane was laid between her ears and it curled over her left eye. Her hooves bore a polished shine and a hoof ring sparkled from around her right fore hoof. Rainbow winged butterfly barrettes were clipped all along the root of her mane, a large bow was tied at the root of her tail and her blue ribbon award hung from her mane in a place of honor, just below and behind her right ear.

She strut her stuff in true style, working the audience and showing them all why she’s Ponyland’s beauty queen. With a bow and blowing kisses to her fans, she cantered back off the stage to an uproar of applause and ovations.

Bowtie nearly lost her nerve as she waited back stage listening to the ponies in the audience chanting, “Rainbow! Rainbow! Rainbow!” As she contemplated giving up and running home a new feeling made its presence known. She was going to need to go to the bathroom soon.

“Beautiful! Beautiful as always Rainbow Dash!” Thistle Whistle commented as the pretty lilac blue pony left the stage. “And now for the challenger.” Thistle continued as the cheers quieted.

Bowtie’s ears perked and her need to find a bathroom was momentarily forgotten when she heard her name called. She opened the door to her dressing room and walked hurriedly to the wait in the wings on stage left.

“We all know and love this next pony. She’s a cute, fun loving pony and who doesn’t have one of her high flying kites in their stable, ready for a windy day?” Thistle Whistle begins the introduction, “Now join with me in giving a round of applause…to my friend and yours…Miss Bowtie pony!”

Bowtie cantered out smiling warmly at the crowd and their round of applause and cheers. Then the assembled ponies suddenly go silent as their mouths hang open in surprised silence. The white coated pony is wearing a frilly red pony party dress that matches the color of her mane. Her mane and tail have a slight curl to the ends but left unbraided. Instead they’re tied every few inches with bows of red, purple and turquoise. A large pink bow was tied around her chest and stood up high in the middle of her back. Her hooves were also polished and shiny and a turquoise hoof ring sparkled in the sun. But what had everyone’s attention was what she was wearing over her haunches; a thick white diaper inside a pair of matching, red, frilly panties.

Bowtie’s smile faded with the applause and she scanned the sea of ponies and felt anxious again as the object of everyone’s stares. Tears began to well up in her eyes and she tensed, ready to dash off the stage in humiliation when one of the ponies watching whinnied, “By my mane she’s adorable!”

With the stunned silence broken, other ponies chimed in.
“How cute!”
“A filly? What a novel idea!”
“Oh that is just darling! I love that dress.”
“Yes, I used to love wearing those. I wonder who made it for her?”

As more and more of the ponies called out their comments and praise, the applause returned. Bowtie regained her confidence and show trotted back and forth across the stage, turning so that every pony could see her beautiful ensemble. She even went so far as to waggle her diapered rear at them which elicited a round of giggles and laughter followed by a renewed round of cheers. With a final curtsey, Bowtie cantered off the stage, the ponies calling out, “Bowtie! Bowtie! Bowtie!”

Rainbow Dash met her off stage with a bright smile. “Wow! How daring!” She began, “You’re simply adorable Bowtie darling.”

Bowtie blushed and looked down but admitted, “I knew it would take something more to unseat you Rainbow.”

“Well I think you may have.” Rainbow told her, “And who helped you? Who made that adorable dress and is that…” The purple pony pressed a hoof against Bowtie’s ruffled panties and gasped, “You’re actually wearing a diaper too?”

Bowtie smiled and nodded, “It’s been a long time since I wore one of those.”

Rainbow giggles a little and admits, “It looks like fun and, as I said, that dress is just adorable, darling. I think I had one just like it when I was a filly too. That’s…”

“Oh dear!” Bowtie interrupted, a sudden look of terror etched on her face.

“What is it?” Rainbow asked with concern in her voice.

"I...I need to go. I need to go now." Bowtie looked around for the nearest door.

"You can’t go now Bowtie dear." Rainbow said trying to sooth her friend, "They’re near to selecting the winner."

"But I...I can’t…I need…It was just for…” Bowtie stammered.

"Nonsense." Rainbow giggled, "When you beat the beautiful Rainbow Dash, all of Ponyville needs to see it."

Bowtie made a dash for the door crying, "I don't wanna…"

Rainbow galloped around and stopped in front of her friend crying out, “Whoa! Whoa there darling. What’s the matter?”

"I…I need…I'm going…” Bowtie hangs her head and says in defeat, “I’m going to use the diaper if I don’t get to a bathroom."

Rainbow Dash's jaw drops, "You're kidding? Please say you’re kidding darling?"

"No I’m not.” Bowtie looks up, a pleading look in her eyes, “I need to go to the bathroom! Now! Please either help me or get out of my way!”

“I’ll help you.” Rainbow nods and leaps around behind Bowtie. She nickered and reared up to pull the ruffled panties down so she can get to the diaper. "Oh no!" Rainbow cries after a few tries at unfastening the pins, "I can't get the pins undone."

Bowtie, in the meantime was struggling and whinnying desperately. When Rainbow told her she couldn’t get the pins unclasped, she began biting at the pins. Nearly in tears now she kept repeating, "Help me!"

"I'm trying, I'm trying darling. Hold still." Rainbow cries out, but Bowtie's panicked state made helping impossible.

"I...I’m not...going to…don’t want to wet them!" Bowtie said adamantly.

Rainbow Dash stepped to the side and looked at her friend, and said, in all seriousness, "Well, it is a diaper. What harm is there in wetting them if you need to while we figure out how to get you out of them."

"But...but...Ewww. That’s gross!” Bowtie protested, then tilted her head towards the stage, “The other ponies. I don't want them to see me like that."

"Bowtie dear," Rainbow smiled, brushing a hoof down her friend’s mane, "I won't let that happen. Not now that I know what’s wrong. But I may have to get another pony to help get you out of that diaper.”

Bowtie nodded to her friend and stood still, her white face turned reddish pink in embarrassment. After a few moments she sighed and said quietly, "It’s done.” Both ponies looked back at her diapered bottom. “Please get Pinky.” Bowtie said in defeat, “She helped me with the outfit. If anyone knows how to get me out of these wet diapers, she will.”

Rainbow couldn't hold back a grin and a little chuckle as she tried to make her friend feel better, "Darlin’, that expression on your muzzle makes you even more adorable than you were before."

"I didn't want...I still don't want...it's not very comfortable.” She finally responded.

“Okay, okay darlin’," She said, "You trot on back to your stable and I'm going to go get Pinkie Pie."

"Ok, please hurry. I don't want to get a rash on my beautiful skin." Bowtie begged and then ran off just as Thistle Whistle was announcing, “And the winner is…”

Since most of the ponies in Ponyville were at the beauty contest, Bowtie didn’t run into any other ponies on her way back to her stable, much to her relief. She burst into her stall and curled up on the floor in her wet diaper and finally succumbed to the tears she’d been holding back. As her body shuddered she lets go and wets the diaper yet again.

A few minutes later Rainbow galloped back with Pinky Pie in tow who was carrying her sewing kit in her muzzle. They enter Bowtie’s stable and Rainbow calls out, "Bowtie? I'm back and Pinky is with me."

"Please come back. I…I wet myself again and I’m afraid to move. I don’t want to leak." Bowtie invited them back to her stall.

Rainbow and Pinky round the corner to see the white pony still in her cute dress, lying on the floor, tears staining her cheeks. Rainbow turned to Pinky and explains, "We can't get the safety pins off the diaper Pinky."

The pink pony set her sewing kit down and walked over to Bowtie. Pinky helps Bowtie take her ruffled panties down and lets out a thoughtful, “Hmmm,” while she contemplated the problem with the pins.

Bowtie blushed deeply, her wet, white diaper now visible to her friends and looked on.

"Oh!" Pinky exclaimed, "These old diaper pins have a locking lever so they don't pop off playful little fillies when they're galloping around." Pinky slid the release out of the way and pressed the spring hinge and the pin popped open. "See? Just like that." She said successfully.

"If I had only known!" Bowtie cried out.

Pinky smiled back and commented, "You know Bowtie. You did look very cuddly...and totally adorable in that...’filly outfit.’"

The white pony blushed a little as she stepped out of the wet diaper, wondering briefly what to do with it now when her thoughts were interrupted by Rainbow Dash.

“Oh! That reminds me darling.” Rainbow whinnied, taking the blue ribbon from off of her mane, “You ran off before it was announced. You won Bowtie! Congratulations!” With that the lilac blue pony clipped the blue ribbon onto Bowtie’s mane and then gave her a warm hug.

Bowtie beamed, looking at the ribbon while Rainbow and Pinky broke out in joyous laughter. Pinky stepped over and all three ponies joined together in a warm, sisterly embrace.


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Bowtie's story continues here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/mlpfanfic/769.html
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