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Mar. 6th, 2009 @ 08:00 pm Megan's Sister War Part 3-Final! Enjoy!
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Hi everyone! Lauren here. I hope everyone is doing well. Here is the final part of “Megan’s Sister War.” I hope everyone likes it!

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own any of the ponies in this story. They belong to Hasbro. The only ponies I own are Baby Rainbow Star and Melody. I also own the Hartson girls, along with anyone else you don’t recognize. The same thing goes for the pets, Oliver, Jewelhart and Scooter.

Title: "Megan’s Sister War”

Author: sifukatara

Summary: Megan Hartson must learn how to balance her time between her two younger sisters. Will she be able to find it with Firefly, Fizzy and Medley’s help?

Around six-thirty in the morning, Megan was woken up by Julie crying. She was awake and it looked like she was having trouble getting back to sleep. She was holding Sagwa close and tears were streaming down her face.
Megan sighed and put a gentle hand on Julie’s shoulder. She wanted her little sister to know she was there for her.
“What’s the matter, little one, hmmm?” Megan asked gently. She started rubbing Julie’s back and stroking her hair.
Julie turned to face Megan and she threw herself into her big sister’s arms, crying and shaking from not feeling well.
“Aw, it’s okay, Julie. It’s okay. Megan’s here now. You’re okay. You’re all right, little one. You’re all right. . .. SHh, shh, hush now, sweetheart.. .” Megan then started to sing once again, hoping it would help her little sister feel better.
As Julie drifted off again, Megan smiled down at her litel sister lovingly as she snuggled into her for a cuddle.
“Aw, that’s my girl. It’s okay. Megan has you now. Just try and sleep, okay, little one?”
Julie nodded and did her best. Now that she was back where she belonged, she felt a lot better.
After Megan got Julie back to sleep, she tucked her little sister in bed and gave her one more kiss.
“Sweet dreams, little one. I love you. I’ll see you in the morning.” With that, Megan made sure Julie was covered with a blanket and then she rolled over and tried to get a couple more hours of sleep. She wasn’t ready to get up just yet.

Four hours later, Megan woke up for good. She checked on Julie and was happy to see that her little one was sleeping soundly.
Megan kissed Julie’s cheek and then got up and got dressed. As Megan was brushing her hair and slipped the Rainbow of Light back around her neck, Molly awoke not feeling much better. Her headache was almost gone, but it was still hurting a little.
Megan went over to Molly’s bed and put a gentle hand on
her little sunshine’s shoulder.
“Shh, shh, hush now, my little sunshine. It’s okay, Molly. You’re all right. Megan’s right here. Are you still feeling yucky, honey?”
Molly nodded as she threw herself into Megan’s lap, crying.
Megan sighed and took Molly into her arms. She gave her a hug and kissed her head. She then started to stroke her hair and rub her back. She sung her “There’s Always Another Rainbow” which seemed to calm her down.
About ten minutes later, Megan got Molly some Ginger Ale and some of Princess Tiffany’s juice. Molly was very tired and was crying from not feeling well, which wasn’t surprising.
After Megan helped Molly drink some of Princess Tiffany’s juice and then some Ginger Ale, which turned out to be a big mistake, she took Molly into her lap and started to comfort her. She started to sing her”There’s Always Another Rainbow” again, Which did the trick. But about ten minutes later, Molly let out a wail.
“Shh, shh, hush now, my little sunshine. Shh, it’s okay, sweetie. You’re all right. Megan has you. You’re safe and sound in my arms where you belong. You’re okay, honey. It’s all right. Shh. Hush now. What’s the matter with my little sunshine, huh?”
“I want Fizzy!” Molly replied tearfully. “I want Fizzy!”
Megan tried not to feel too hurt by her little sister’s reply. It wasn’t Molly’s fault that she wasn’t’ feeling good and she had a right to seek comfort from whomever she wanted. Megan knew that Molly would seek her comfort again soon, so she didn’t let it bother her.
“Okay, shh, it’s all right, sweetie. Let’s see if we can find her. If we can’t find Fizzy right this second, do you want to have cuddle time in the glider with me?”
Molly nodded, but Megan could tell Molly wanted Fizzy and would NOT be happy if they couldn’t find Fizzy in the next ten minutes.
To Megan’s relief, Fizzy was in the kitchen. She was finishing up her breakfast.
Megan put Molly down on her usual chair, which was next to Fizzy’s and across from Firefly. Molly immediately wrapped her arms around Fizzy’s neck and cried into her mane.
“Aw, shh, shh, hush. Shh, shh, hush. It’s all right, Molly. It’s okay. What’s the matter, huh? Are you still feelin’ yucky?”
Molly nodded and cried harder as her head started to hurt again.
“I’m going to get her some Tylenol,” Megan said as she left the room. After she got back, she helped Molly to take it and then she tucked her back in bed. Fizzy stayed with her best friend for most of the morning as did Megan.

Around ten o’ clock, Megan took Molly into the kitchen so that she could try and eat some toast. After that, Molly rested in bed while Fizzy stayed with her and Megan ate some breakfast of her own. It was really turning into a bad day for her little sister, and Megan wanted to do everything she could to help Molly feel better.
Around lunchtime, Molly awoke from a nap and wanted to have cuddle time with Megan. Unfortunately, Julie wanted the same thing. Molly still wanted comfort from Fizzy, but right now, she wanted to be where she belonged, in her sister’s arms, safe and sound.
Megan was happy about this and took her baby sister into her lap and started to sing her a song, hoping that would help her little sunshine feel better.
Fizzy started rubbing Molly’s shoulder with her right front hoof while Megan stroked Molly’s hair. This seemed to work and Molly fell back to sleep not long after that.
After Megan tucked Molly back in, she and Fizzy went to eat some lunch in the kitchen. After Fizzy was done eating, she went to stay with Molly and Megan hung out in the kitchen a little more.

A little while later, Megan brought Molly into the kitchen to try her on some soup. It didn’t go well and Molly ended up throwing up, which caused her to feel worse. She cuddled in Megan’s lap, while Megan ate her lunch and then Megan started rocking Molly back and forth and stroking her hair, hoping to get her back to sleep.
Megan knew Julie wanted her too, but the eldest Hartson sister also knew that she couldn’t be in two places at once.

Meanwhile, Medley was staying with Julie, trying to get her to calm down. It was working a little bit, but all Julie wanted was her big sister.
Julie knew that Molly was sick too and Megan had to balance her time between her and Molly, but Julie wanted some time with Megan too.
Julie let out a sob as she tried to fall asleep. She felt safe with Medley and she loved spending time with her, but Julie really wanted Megan right now.
“Just try and sleep, my sweet little hummingbird,” Medley said gently. She started singing Julie to sleep and nuzzling her.
Julie closed her eyes and tried her best to obey Medley. She was tired and knew she needed the rest, but she also wanted her big sister’s comfort.

Two hours later, Megan was in the kitchen with Paradise, eating lunch. She was also cuddling with Molly.
“So how’s Julie doing?” Paradise asked.
“Not so well,” Megan replied. “She just wants me, but I can’t be with her all the time. I have to take care of Molly too.”
Paradise nodded.
Just then, Molly started to stiff. She opened her eyes before burying her face in Megan’s shoulder.
“Shh, shh, hush now, my little sunshine. It’s okay, Moll. It’s all right. What’s the matter, sweetie?”
Molly calmed when she heard Megan’s voice. She then said softly, “I’m thirsty.”
Megan grinned.
“Well, I think we can fix that.” With that, she got up and carried Molly with her to the dining room. That was where she kept some juice boxes for when the girls were sick.
As Megan was getting Molly a juice box, they both heard Julie crying in her room.
The bedrooms were just down the hall on the right from the dining room. This meant they weren’t too faraway from each other.
“Holy macanoli!” Molly gasped. “Megan, what’s wrong with Julie?”
Megan sighed.
“I’m not sure. Do you think you can hang out with Fizzy while I go and check on her?”
Molly nodded. She wanted Julie to feel better. Besides, hse was feeling a lot better than she had that morning.
Once Megan was sure Molly would be okay, she went to see what was wrong with their sister.
When Megan entered Julie’s room, she found her other little sister crying and facing the wall.
As Megan sat down, she put her hand on Julie’s shoulder and picked her up.
“Aw, come here, little one. It’s okay. Megan’s here now. I’m here now, sweetie. Come here.”
She rubbed Julie’s back and started to stroke her little sister’s hair. “Shh, shh, hush now, little one. Can you use your words and tell Megan what’s wrong? What’s the matter, little one?”
Julie let out a sob before answering Megan’s question.
“I just wanted to spend some time with you,” she said. “I know Molly’s sick too, but I wanted some cuddle time with you!”
“Aw, it’s okay, little one. It’s all right. Megan’s here now. I have you, little one. I’m sorry, Jules. I didn’t mean to ignore you. It’s just a little hard balancing my time sometimes. But I want you to know that I will ALWAYS love you, no matter what, okay?”
Julie nodded and snuggled into Megan for a cuddle.
“I love you too,” she said while laying her head against Megan’s shoulder.
“Aw, same here, little one,” Megan said while holding Julie close. “Same here.”
Julie smiled. She loved Megan so much and she loved spending time with her.
“Just try and sleep now.” Megan encouraged gently. “I’m right here.”
Julie nodded and tried to obey her sister.
It wasn’t hard when Megan started signing to her. It always hleped her get to sleep.
After she was done singing, Megan gazed down at her sister loving.
“Aw, that’s my girl. Is that what you wanted? Did you want some time with your big sister/”
Julie nodded and snuggled into Megan for a cuddle.
“Sing our song again, please, Megan?”
“Sure thing, little one,” Megan said before starting to sing again.
It took about ten to twenty-minutes, but Megan got Julie back to sleep. She gave her a kiss and patted her shoulder before returning to the living room.
“Sweet dreams, little one. Megan loves you very much. I’ll see you when you wake up.” With that, Megan left the room and went back to check on Molly. She wanted to see how her little sunshine was doing.
When Megan entered the living room, she took Molly, who had fallen asleep into her arms and sat down across from Firefly.
Her best pony friend was flipping through the TV channels while still keeping an eye on Molly.
“Did you get anything out of my Jules?” Firefly asked her sweet girl.
Megan nodded.
“Yup. Julie just wanted some time with me.”
Firefly nodded. She then nuzzled Megan and Molly and left to take a flight with Medley.
Megan smiled to herself as she continued to cuddle with her baby sister. Firefly was really a good friend and Megan was really grateful to the pink Pegasus for all she had done.
After Molly had fallen back to sleep, Megan tucked her little sister back in bed in their bedroom and went to take a nap of her own. She was very tired and she needed some rest. As Megan layed down, she prayed and hoped that Julie and Molly would feel better soon. She loved both of her sisters very much
and hated it when they were sick.

Two hours later, Megan was in the nursery, putting the baby ponies down for nap along with Molly. Megan knew Molly had just taken one, but she also knew her baby sister needed a lot of rest. It was the only way Molly was going to feel better.
Baby Rainbow Star, Baby Cotton Candy, Baby Half Note, Baby Moondancer and Ember were going down without fuss, but Baby Cudddles and Baby Heart Throb wer ea different story.
Molly was in Megan’s lap and Megan was sitting in a rocking chair, thinking about what song she was going to sing besides the obvious. She knew both Molly and Baby Rainbow Star wanted her to sing “There’s Always Another Rainbow” and she didn’t mind, but she needed to think of a song that would get everyone to sleep. She then got an idea.
“Okay you guys, I want all of you to close your eyes and imagine yourselves in a beautiful green forest. Trees are all around and the sun is shining brightly in the sky. What do you see in the forest?” Megan asked gently.
“Birds!” Baby Cotton Candy excalimed.
“Baby Cotton Candy, you have to whisper now, okay? It’s naptime.
“I’m sorry, Megan, “ Baby Cotton Candy said,
“It’s all right, sweetie. It was an accident. Okay, where were we? You said you saw birds, right?”
“Uh-huh,” Baby Cotton Candy said in a loud whisper.
“Okay. Now close your eyes everyone and imagine yourselves back in the forest and the sun is shining and birds are singing…..” Megan then started to sing a song she knew would help everyone get to sleep. “There’s a song in the air in the forest, birds are singing as they’re winging here and there. Could it be the scenery? The brilliant forest greenery? Is that why there’s music everywhere? There’s a beautiful sound in the forest, birds are tweeting out their greeting loud and strong. There is nowhere to be found something sweeter than the sound, of nature’s own sweet song. Birds feel safe and at home
in the forest. They feel right there cause they’re right where they belong. There’s no way to recreate, to replace or imitate, nature’s own sweet song. Nature’s own sweet song.”
Once Megan was done singing, she discovered that everyone was asleep except for Molly and to her surprise, Ember. She glanced over and gave Ember a concerned look.
“Ember, sweetie, what’s the matter, honey? Are you okay?”
Ember nodded, but Megan could tell something was wrong. Ember always fell aslepe without too much trouble.
Megan gently tucked Molly into the bed next to Baby Cotton Candy’s bed and went over to see what was wrong with Ember. She put a hand on Ember’s mane and started to stroke it gently.
as Megan did this, Ember started to relax a little.
Megan smiled down at her.
“Is that what you wanted? Did you want me to pat you a little?”
Ember nodded.
Megan laughed softly.
“Oh Ember. What am I going to do with you, hmmm? If you wanted me to pat you, then why didn’t you just use your words and ask me like a big girl?”
Ember didn’t answer Megan’s question at first. when she did speak, her voice was barely a whisper and she had started to cry.
“Because they would have made fun of me!” She whimpered.
Megan was taken aback.
“Who?” She asked.
“Baby Tic Tac Toe, Baby Gusty and. . . . . . .Baby Lickety Split. They said that I was your favorite and I was taking ad. . . . adva. . . .advan. . . .”
“Advantage?” Megan asked, knowing that that was probably the word Ember was trying to say, but couldn’t.
Ember nodded and let out a sob.
“They said that I was too quiet and I’m no fun. They don’t even play with me anymore! Oh Megan, what did I do!”
“Shh,” Megan soothed, taking Ember into her arms. “Shh, hush now. It’s okay, Ember. It’s all right. You didn’t do anything to anyone. And you are not taking advantage of anyone. Most of all me. I enjoy spending time with you and that goes for all of the baby ponies. It’s true I have my favorites, but I love you all the same when it comes down to it. You all have your special qualities and that’s what makes each of you unique.”
Ember let out a sob and buried her face in Megan’s shoulder. Megan just rubbed her back and stroked her mane gently. she knew Ember needed to cry this out.
After Ember had calmed down, Megan continued. “And you know what? You have your special qualities too.”
Ember gazed up at Megan.
“I do?”
Megan nodded.
“Yup. You’re very helpful. You’re as sweet as can be and you also know how to help people and ponies when they need comfort. You don’t even have to say anything. Just being there for them helps.”
Ember nodded and smiled a little.
“So I’m not taking advan. . . . .advantage of you?”
“Of course not!” Megan said in a loud whisper. With that, she started to sing Ember to sleep. “Time we took our naps before we all collapse. To your bed, douse the light and put your sleepyhead down, and sleep tight!” She gave Ember a kiss and then went to check on Molly. She was relieved when she saw that her little sunshine was fast asleep. She gave Molly a kiss and then left the nursery, but not before giving Baby Rainbow Star a kiss on her cheek. “
Sweet dreams, my little one. Mama loves you so much. I’ll see you when you wake up.” With that, she left to take a flight with Firefly. Megan knew that Baby Gusty, Baby Lemon Drop and Baby Tic Tac Toe needed a good talking to, but she was going to wait until after their nap to give them one.

A few hours later, Megan and Julie were watching “Oliver and Company” in the living room when Oliver wandered in. He jumped up on Julie’s lap and started to purr. Julie scratched him behind the ears and giggled. She loved Oliver so much.
It wasn’t until five minutes later that disaster struck.
Julie had been fine until Oliver rubbed up against her face. All of a sudden, Julie started to cough and she sneezed a few times. Her eyes also started to water a little.
Megan was on Julie like a shot. She took Oliver from her and put him down. She picked her little sister up and took her into the house. She then gave Julie her medicine and then sung her “Hidden Rainbows in the Sky”, while trying to calm her down.
Just then, Paradise came in with a look of realization on her face. She held up a bottle of Pet Shampoo and told Julie to sniff it.
“Try this, Julie,” Paradise said. “I think I figured out what’s wrong.”
Julie looked confused, but did so. Sure enough as soon as her nose got even a little sniff, she started to cough and actually got sick from coughing so much.
Medley frowned and nuzzled Julie gently. She ahd been helping Megan take care of her.
Paradise frowned too. She hadn’t meant for that to happen.
As Megan held the bucket for her. It was then that Megan realized what Paradise had just discovered. She waited until Julie was feeling a little bit better and not crying so much before telling her what she just found out.
“Julie, honey, you’re not allergic to Oliver.”
“I’m not?” Julie asked.
“No. You’re allergic to his pet shampoo.”
Julie looked at Megan as if she were crazy.
“Are you sure?” Julie asked.
“I’m positive. I saw Firefly and Locket wash Oliver this morning.”
Julie gave Megan a big hug and then wrapped her arms around Megan’s neck as her big sister carried her outside and over to where Fizzy, Molly and Firefly were playing a game of bubble ball.
“Come join us!” Fizzy called to Megan and Julie.
Megan smiled and did so. Soon enough, everyone was laughing and having a good time. Megan was glad that Julie was feeling better. Molly too.

Later that night, Megan tucked Julie and Molly into bed. she sung Molly’s song first and then Julie’s.
“Aw, Good night, my little sunshine. I love you very much. I’ll see you in the morning, okay?”
“Okay. I love you too, Megan. Sweet dreams.” Molly gave Megan a kiss and hug.
After Megan tucked Julie in and gave her akiss, followed by Kassie, she went to bed herself. She was really tired and it had been a long day. Finally, it semed that everything was right in Ponyland once again.
Megan just hoped and prayed that she would be able to balance her time between Molly and Julie and she knew deep down in her heart that everything would work out. After all, there was always another Rainbow around the bend and if you looked hard enough, you could find a Rainbow anywhere.

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