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Mar. 6th, 2009 @ 07:49 pm Megan's Sister War-Part 2! Enjoy!
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Hi everyone! Lauren here. I hope everyone is doing well. Here is the next part of “Megan’s Sister War.” I hope everyone likes it!

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own any of the ponies in this story. They belong to Hasbro. The only ponies I own are Baby Rainbow Star and Melody. I also own the Hartson girls, along with anyone else you don’t recognize. The same thing goes for the pets, Oliver, Jewelhart and Scooter.

Title: "Megan’s Sister War”

Author: sifukatara

Summary: Megan Hartson must learn how to balance her time between her two younger sisters. Will she be able to find it with Firefly, Fizzy and Medley’s help?

“It didn’t go well, my sweet girl?” Firefly asked, nuzzling Megan and then Julie.
Megan shook her head.
“Julie’s in a lot of pain. I’m going to put her down for a nap when we get back home.”
Firefly nodded. She could tell Julie needed one.
“It’s okay, Jules,” Firefly soothed, nuzzling the little girl again. “You’re going to feel better soon.”
Julie nodded. She liked Firefly and appreciated her comfort, but who Julie really wanted was Medley.

When they arrived back in Ponyland, Julie was still in a great deal of pain, but she was glad to be home. She was still crying, but she wasn’t getting sick as much. Her fever was down and she was able to keep some Ginger Ale down as well. Megan and Firefly, along with Medley were all happy about that.
Megan put Julie to bed in her room and she stayed with her. Julie was still feeling really bad and her right ankle was really hurting her. She couldn’t even walk on it for a long time.
Jeanie told Megan that by Thursday, Julie would be good as new.
Megan understood and she was happy about that, but she still didn’t like seeing her little sister in that much pain.
Megan stayed with Julie and sung her to sleep. When she was sure Julie was okay, she went to check on Molly. When she couldn’t find her anywhere, she asked Fizzy where Molly was and Fizzy reassured her that Molly was okay. She had just gone on a flight with Firefly.
Megan sat down and started playing a game of memory with Fizzy and Sweet Stuff. It wasn’t until an hour later that Julie awoke and wanted Megan. She was crying from pain and Baby Cotton Candy came to get Megan.
“Baby Cotton Candy, what is it, sweetie? “ Megan asked, bending down to Baby Cotton Candy’s level.
“Julie’s crying. Her leg hurts weally bad! She wants you.”
“Okay.” Megan said. “I’ll be right there. “ She got up and went to see what she could do to help her little sister get better.
“And I’m going with you,” Fizzy said, following Megan into the room. “I can help. Unicorns are good luck and good company too. “ She giggled and nuzzled Megan gently.
Megan patted Fizzy’s mane as they entered Julie’s bedroom.
Megan sat down on the bed and put her hand on Julie’s shoulder.“
Shh,“ Megan soothed.
“SHh, hush now, Julie. Megan’s here now. It’s okay, little one. Everything’s all right. I’m going to make it better.” She produced the syringe, which made Julie cry harder. She turned her face away and to Megan as well as Fizzy’s surprise, she sought comfort in the green unicorn, something she never did before.
She wrapped her arms around Fizzy’s neck and buried her face in Fizzy’s mane much like Molly did whenever she was upset or afraid.
Fizzy was taken aback for a minute, but then did the only thing she could think of. She started nuzzling Julie gently and telling her it was going to be okay. She knew Molly didn’t like getting needles either, but she also knew how to comfort Molly whenever she was going through something painful. Molly
was her best friend after all, but she never had Julie seek comfort from her before much less even hang around her. She knew Julie liked her and Fizzy felt the same way about the little girl, but having her turn to her for comfort all of a sudden was a little strange.
As Megan stuck the needle in, Julie let out a wail like a fire engine and continued to cry. Fizzy just continued to nuzzle her and started reassuring her that everything was going to be okay.
“Shh, it’s okay,” She said. “Shh. Hush. Shh. Hush. It’s all right. It’ll only hurt for a little while.”
Julie finally calmed down after awhile, but she was still sniffling a little.
“It hurts Megan,” She said. “It really, really, hurts!”
“I know it hurts, little one,” Megan said. “But it will make you feel better.”
“Megan’s right,” Fizzy said, giving Julie a nuzzle. “It will stop hurting soon. I know it.” To get Julie’s mind off the pain, Fizzy began blowing bubbles. She knew this always got Molly giggling.
Julie giggled too. She reached up and began popping the bubbles.
After a few minutes, Molly came into the room. Molly came over and patted Fizzy’s mane gently. She then frowned and looked over at Megan.
“Is Julie okay?” Molly asked.
“She’ll be fine, my little sunshine,” Megan replied. “She just needs some rest.”
Molly nodded, but she still looked worried.
“Poor Julie,” Molly said. “Don’t worry. You’ll be all better soon.”
“My little sunshine is right, little one,” Megan said, rocking her sister back and forth. “You’ll be okay.”
Molly nodded and sat down to see what she could do to help Julie.
A little while later, Megan put Kassie along with the baby ponies down for their nap. She then checked on Julie and found that she was sleeping soundly. Molly was reading in her room, so Megan decided to watch a little TV.

About an hour later, Julie woke up from a nightmare with her stomach hurting. She let out a scream that brought Megan running into the room. She wanted to make sure her little one was okay.
Fizzy was already in there, blowing bubbles for Julie, to take her mind off her tummy. It was working pretty well.
“Julie, sweetie, are you all right?” Megan asked.
“Everything still hurts,” Julie whimpered.
“Aw, it’s okay, little one,” Megan said, stroking Julie’s hair.
“Don’t leave me, Megan. Please? Can you stay here?”
“I’ll stay here for a little while, okay? Just until you fall asleep.”
“Hey Julie,” Fizzy said. “Watch this!” Fizzy then began blowing bubble hearts. And as an added bonus, they were pink!
Julie giggled.
Fizzy had never blown pink bubble hearts before. She just learned how to do it. She couldn’t wait to show Molly. She knew her best friend would love them!
Unfortunately, Molly saw them already. She had been standing in the doorway. And she was angrier than ever now.
“Fizzy, how could you!” She shouted. “How could you show Julie a new bubble trick before you show me!” Molly ran from the room crying.
Fizzy felt terrible.
Megan stood up.
“Okay, I have to go talk to her,” She said.
“No Megan, don’t go!” Julie cried, grabbing Megan’s hand.
Afraid Julie would get sick again, Megan sat back down and stroked Julie’s hair.
“Shh, shh, hush now, Julie. It’s okay, little one. It’s all right. Megan’s right here. I’m not going anywhere. It’s okay.”
“I’ll go talk to Molly,” Fizzy said. “Don’t worry, Megan. I’m sure everythin’ will be all right.”
“I sure hope so,” Megan said. She continued to comfort Julie as Fizzy ran off.
Fizzy caught up with Molly as Molly entered her bedroom. Molly glared at her and was about to shut the door, when Fizzy winked out and winked back in near her bed.
Molly was about to run out of the room, when Firefly stopped her. She flew down and blocked her way.
“Okay, my precious peanut, stop right there. You are not going anywhere unless it’s over there to sit down and make up with your best friend.”
Molly didn’t move.
“Do I have to take you over there myself?” Firefly asked, her voice was uncharacteristically stern and Molly knew not to push her. Firefly was sweet and had a big heart, but if you got her mad…..
Molly sat down in her chair at her desk and glared at Fizzy.
“Okay. That’s a start. Now we’re going to sit here and you two are NOT leaving here until you’ve made up. Is that understood?”
Molly and Fizzy nodded.
“Okay. Now, first things first, what in the whole of Dream Valley happened? Megan told me world war three broke out and I want to know why.”
Molly sighed.
“Fizzy is a. . . . . . .” Her voice trailed off as she tried to think of the right word that wouldn’t sound like a bad word. “. . . . . .trader!”
Fizzy frowned. She had never seen Molly this mad before.
“Molly, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” Fizzy said sincerely. “I just wanted to make Julie feel better. She’s goin’ through a really hard time.”
“So that means you show her a new bubble trick before you show it to me!” Molly said angrily.
Firefly frowned.
“Okay. At least you’re talking to each other. That’s a good start.”
“I was never not talkin’ to her,” Fizzy said, a little confused. “Molly saw me showing Julie a new trick and she got upset. I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings. I promise. I was just tryin’ to help Julie.”
Firefly nodded.
“Molly, sweetie, what got you so upset that you almost took a temper tantrum, something you never do?”
Molly sighed as she looked away and burst into tears of sadness and betrayal.
“I. . . . .I. . . . . .I don’t know. I guess I was scared.”
“Scared of what, my precious peanut?” Firefly asked, her voice a little softer. She new she was getting somewhere and she wanted to keep going in the right direction.
“I was afraid I was losing the one important best friend I ever had. I mean. . . .. Fizzy does that new trick for Julie. I’ve lost so many people in my life already. I’ve been hurt by a lot of people too. And I just thought that I was losing Fizzy too. I couldn’t bare it if that happened. I love Fizzy so much and up until today, I thought Fizzy felt the same way.” With that, Molly flopped down on her bed in tears.
Firefly went over and started nuzzling Molly gently.
Molly wrapped her arms around Firefly’s neck and cried into her mane, breathing in the sweet and familiar scent of strawberries and honeysuckle.
Fizzy came over and tried to help Molly feel better, but she didn’t touch her. She knew she would only push her away and that would just make Fizzy feel worse.
“Molly, I’m sorry,” Fizzy began. “I really am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelin’s. And I love you more than anything else in the world. You are my BEST friend in the whole world and I would NEVER betray you. I like Julie and I care about her, but I could never love her the same way I love you as a best friend. She doesn’t know about my past and she probably never will know. Besides that, there are a bunch of things that I do for you that I know I would NEVER be able to do for Julie because she is a little. . . . . .shy.”
“Like what? “ Molly asked tearfully. She raised her face to meet Fizzy’s gaze.
“Well. . . . . .” Fizzy said, giving Molly a small smile. “Like when you’re sad about bein’ punished when you don’t listen to Megan and I wink in behind you and blow bubbles to get you giggling. I could never do that to Julie because she would probably run scared like a furbob in a microwave.”
Molly giggled a little.
“What else?” Molly asked eagerly. She was beginning to feel a little bit better.
“I could never go on half the adventures with Julie that we’ve been on together. And for another thing, Julie’s eyes don’t light up when I blow bubbles at the dinner table like yours do. There are probably a billion other things I could come up with, but that’s not important. The important thing is that you know that no matter what, you and I will always be best friends. I would never betray your friendship. And just because I help Julie out, doesn’t mean I love her more than you and it doesn’t mean that I’m tryin’ to hurt you. You have to know that Julie and I may have a friendship, but it’s not as strong as ours. It’s not as strong as ours because you and I have been best friends since you were two years old. Your now six. Four years. It’s true that Julie and I have been friends for three years, but you and I have been BEST friends for a year more than Julie and I. Julie and I aren’t as close as you and I are and we probably will never be. And to tell you the truth, we don’t even hang out that much for her and I to become good friends. And if you need more proof, I’m here to tell you that when I was helping Julie, I almost froze.”
This got Molly to look up and she gasped.
“Holy macanoli! You froze?”
Fizzy giggled and blushed a little.
“Yup. I almost didn’t know what to do. You know why?”
Molly shook her head.
“Because Julie wasn’t you. For the past four years whenever I’ve comforted someone other than the baby ponies or Megan, it’s always been you. I’ve gotten used to what makes you feel better when you’re sad or not feeling good and it almost made me not be able to help Julie because I didn’t know what would work for her. But ya know what?”
Molly shook her head.
“It’s because of our friendship that I was able to help Julie tonight. It’s because of helping you that made me be able to summon the courage and just go for it. So I don’t want you to EVER think that I don’t treasure our friendship or I don’t love you, because that is just NOT true. Okay?”
Molly nodded.
Firefly smiled.
“Now, now, do you feel better, my precious peanut?”
Molly nodded and broke away from Firefly. She got off her bed and walked over to Fizzy. She wrapped her arms around Fizzy’s neck and gave her the biggest hug she could without hurting her. She stroked Fizzy’s mane gently and Fizzy nuzzled her best friend affectionately.
“Aw, that’s better now,” Fizzy said. “And I’m sorry again. I never meant to hurt your feelings.”
“I know,” Molly said. ‘I’m sorry too. Friends again?”
Fizzy shook her head.
Molly frowned.
“Best friends,” Fizzy said.
Molly’s face broke into a grin.
“I love you, Fizzy.” She said, giving her best friend another hug.
“Aw, I love you too, Molly. I love you so much.” Fizzy then nuzzled Molly again.
After the two friends broke away, Fizzy started to blow bubbles for Molly to catch.
Molly started to giggle and her grin grew even wider.
Just then, there was a knock at the door.
“Are you feeling better, my little sunshine?” Megan asked as she came into the room.
Molly nodded.
“Yuppero! I fell all better now. Fizzy and I are best friends again!”
“Aw, that’s good,” Megan said, giving her little sister a hug. I’m glad.” She patted Fizzy’s mane and then Firefly nuzzled her sweet girl and got her onto her back via her double inside out loop.
“How about a flight, my sweet girl?” Firefly suggested.
Megan nodded and grinned.
“Let’s fly!” With that, Firefly flew out of the window and down her and Megan’s usual trail.

Later that night, Molly awoke feeling really cold. She was shivering and she felt really dizzy. What in Ponyland was going on? She had been fine a few hours ago.
As she got up, she just about made it to the bathroom before getting sick everywhere.
Just then, Megan came into the bathroom and gasped when she saw Molly and the state she was in. She rushed forward and put a comforting hand on Molly’s shoulder.
“Shh, “ Megan soothed. “Shh, hush now, my little sunshine. Megan’s here now. You’re going to be okay. I’m going to take care of you. What happened?”
Molly shook her head as more heaves wracked her body.
After her stomach had calmed down for at least ten minutes, Megan took her little sister into her lap and started stroking her hair. She took Molly’s temperature and discovered that she had a fever. She got Molly a cup of Ginger Ale and brought it back to her bedroom. She then tucked Molly into bed and put the bucket by the bed.
After Megan closed the door, she got into bed and took Molly into her arms again. she gave her a kiss and then started stroking her hair gently.
“I don’t feel good!” Molly whimpered into Megan’s shoulder.
“Shh,” Megan soothed. “Shh, hush now, my little sunshine. You’re okay now. You’re going to be all right. I’m gonna take care of you.” With that, she tried to help Molly get back to sleep.

About two hours later, Megan was woken up by Medley.
“Julie needs you.” Medley said. “She’s in a lot of pain and she just got sick.”
Megan nodded and was about to leave when Molly started to thrash in her sleep. She started crying and calling Megan’s name.
Megan put a hand on Molly’s shoulder and gently nudged her awake. As Molly woke up, she bolted upright and Megan took her into her arms. She soothed her and tried to calm her down.
As Molly started to calm down, her stomach started to hurt again. she let out a whimper and Megan knew what was going to happen. She placed the bucket in front of her sister just in time.
After Molly’s stomach had calmed down, she buried her face in Megan’s shoulder and whimpered.
“Megan, my head hurts! Really bad! Make it stop please!”
Megan hugged Molly close and started stroking her hair gently. Her little sunshine was having a really bad night.
As Megan started to rub Molly’s back, Medley cleared her throat.
“Can you stay with Julie for a few more minutes? I’ll be right there. Just let me get Molly back to sleep first.”
Medley nodded and went to see what she could do for her sweet little hummingbird.
After Medley left, Megan put a hand to Molly’s forehead and was relieved when she discovered that her fever was gone. Now it was only a matter of getting her headache and stomachache to go away.
“Shh,” Megan soothed as she started rocking Molly back and forth gently. “Shh, hush now, my little sunshine. You’re okay. You’re going to be all right. You’re safe and sound in my arms where you belong. You’re safe and sound in Megan’s arms where you belong.” She gave Molly a kiss on her cheek and then laid her down so that she could rinse out the bucket. As she did this, Medley met her in the bathroom.
“Julie’s really upset,” Medley said. “She really wants you. My sweet little hummingbird is really in bad shape.”
Megan sighed and tried to do two things at once. Luckily for her, Fizzy was awake still. She always got up to get a drink of water around this time.
Megan caught up with Fizzy as she was heading back to her own room.
“Fizzy, can you do me a BIG favor and go in my room and sit with Molly for a minute? I need to check on Julie and my little sunshine is having a really bad night. She woke up feeling sick and then she had a nightmare and now she has one of her migraines.”
Fizzy frowned and went to see what she could do to help her best friend.
When Fizzy entered the bedroom, she found Molly crying while burying her face in her pillow.
“Aw, Molly, shh, shh, hush. Shh, hush. Shh, it’s okay now. You’re going to be okay. I’m here now. Shh, hush. . . .” Fizzy soothed gently as she started to nuzzle Molly and stroke her hair with her front left hoof.
“It hurts!” Molly sobbed. “It hurts bad!”
“Shh, hush, it’s okay, Molly. It’s okay. You’re goin’ to be all right. Can you sit up for me?”
Molly tried and Fizzy moved closer so that Molly could wrap her arms around her neck and find comfort in her. Molly did just that. She buried her face in Fizzy’s mane and cried harder. She was grateful for her best friend’s comfort, but Molly was feeling awful and just wanted to sleep.
Fizzy continued to nuzzle Molly gently as the little girl continued to cry in pain. Fizzy didn’t like seeing her best friend in pain and she wanted Molly to feel better as soon as possible. She knew for that to happen, everyone had to help out.
Just then, Megan came back into the room. She set a bucket down on the bedside table and patted Molly’s shoulder gently.
Molly, feeling Megan’s hand on her shoulder, turned around and reached her arms up to her.
“In a minute, sweetie. I promise. I need to chek on Julie and then I’ll be right back. Fizzy’s going to keep you company.” She gave Molly a kiss and then left to check on Julie. Megan sighed. This was really turning into a long night.

When Megan got to Julie’s room, she found her younger sister awake and she was crying pretty hard. Megan picked her up and tried to soothe her. She started singing her “Let a Song Carry You Along” and “In the Forest”, hoping that would help her to feel better.
Julie then asked, “Can you sing “There’s Always Another Rainbow”, please?”
Megan thought for a moment and then shook her head.
“Why not!” Julie whined.
Megan sighed. She had been singing that song a lot lately and besides, it was really one of Molly’s favorite songs and Megan sung it to her whenever she was upset or not feeling well. She knew that it was something that she and Molly shared and she felt that it needed to stay that way.
Megan didn’t mind singing it when her friends needed hope that everything was going to be okay, or when Baby Rainbow Star wanted her to, but Baby Rainbow Star was her daughter,
which meant she was an exception.
Julie gave Megan a Look.
Megan ignored it and started to sing “Where Have the Unicorns Gone?” Which Julie didn’t really take to that well. She listened to it, but she really didn’t like that song. She buried her face in Megan’s shoulder just as Fizzy came into the room. She looked worried.
“Fizzy, what’s the matter?” Megan asked.
“It’s Molly. She just got sick again and her head is really hurting. I think she needs her medicine.”
Megan nodded and put Julie down. She went to get up and follow Fizzy out of the room, but Julie reached for her.
“Megan! Megan, don’t leave, please!”
“Shh, it’s okay, Julie. It’s all right, little one. Come here.” Megan picked Julie up and carried her to her bedroom. She tucked Julie in her bed and went across the room to check on Molly.
Megan found her little sunshine crying and hard at that. Molly had her face buried in her pillow, so Megan took that opportunity to give Molly her migraine medicine in shot form.
As Megan stuck the needle in Molly’s shoulder, Molly let out a sob that broke Megan’s heart.
Fizzy nuzzled Molly gently and Molly responded by wrapping her arms around Fizzy’s neck and crying into her mane. She was just feeling so awful she just wanted her best friend right now.
“Shh, shh, hush. Shh, hush. It’s okay, Molly. It’s going to be okay. You’re gonna feel better soon. I promise. It’s okay. Shh. Hush. . . . “ Fizzy soothed while nuzzling Molly gently.
After Megan put the syringe away, she tried to take Molly into her lap, but Molly didn’t want any of it. All she wanted was Fizzy.
“No!” Molly wailed tearfully. “No! I want to stay with Fizzy! I want to stay with Fizzy! I want to stay with Fizzy!” She continued to cry and buried her face in Fizzy’s mane again.
“Shh, shh, hush. Shh, hush. It’s okay, Molly. It’s all right. I’m not goin’ anywhere. I promise. I’m goin’ to stay right here with you, but you need to lay down now, okay? It’s time to go night-night now. Come on.” Fizzy nuzzled Molly gently and Molly reluctantly let go of Fizzy and laid back down. “Aw, that’s a girl. There ya go. All right. Shh, shh, hush. It’s okay, Molly. It’s all right. You’re going to feel better soon. It’s okay. It’s okay.”
Fizzy started rubbing her shoulder with her front right hoof, which helped Molly calm down.
“It’s all right, my little sunshine,” She said, soothingly. “It’s all right. You’re safe now. You’re safe and sound in your big sister’s arms where you belong.” With that, Megan began singing “There’s Always Another Rainbow” For her. That seemed to work. Molly calmed down and went back to sleep.
Megan tucked her in, and kissed the top of her head. Then she went back to check on Julie.
As she crossed the room, she patted Fizzy’s mane.
“Thanks, Fizzy. I really appreciate it.”
Fizzy smiled and nuzzled Megan gently.
“It’s no problem, Megan. It was my pleasure. Molly is my best friend after all. I would do anythin’ for her and you. I love you two bunches. I’ll stay here with her while you go and check on Julie if ya want me to. I don’t mind at all.”
“That would be great. I’ll be right back. I promise.” Megan then patted Fizzy’s mane again and crossed the room. She sat down on her bed and put a hand on Julie’s shoulder. “Are you doing okay, little one?”
“Can you sing our song, please?” Julie asked, her voice very tearful and tired.
Megan smiled and began to stroke Julie’s hair.
“Sure I will, little one. Now that I can do.” Megan kissed Julie’s cheek before starting to sing.
After Julie’s steady breathing could be heard, Megan went to take a bathroom break and then she climbed into bed herself. She needed the rest. It had been a very long night.
“Goodnight, Fizzy. Sweet dreams.”
“Goodnight, Megan. Sweet dreams. See ya in the mornin’. I love you.”
“Aw, I love you too, Miss Fizzy. And thanks for helping Molly out tonight.”
Fizzy nodded.
“Like I said before, it’s really no problem. It’s my pleasure.”
Megan fell asleep about ten minutes later. She woke up around four o’ clock in the morning to check on Molly. To her relief, Molly was sound asleep. After Megan went to the bathroom and got a drink of water, she crawled back into her own bed and fell back to sleep for the rest of the night.
Fizzy was still there, sleeping soundly on the floor in a sleeping bag that Megan had lent her. She was really a great friend to all three girls. Fizzy had a big heart and she was always ready to help anyone who needed it.

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