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Mar. 6th, 2009 @ 07:42 pm Megan's Sister War-Part 1!
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Hi everyone! My name is Lauren! I LOVE MLp, Fizzy and Firefly especially! I just joined this comm and I figured I’d post one of my MLP stories for everyone to enjoy!
Let me know what you think!

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own any of the ponies in this story. They belong to Hasbro. The only ponies I own are Baby Rainbow Star and Melody. I also own the Hartson girls, along with anyone else you don’t recognize. The same thing goes for the pets, Oliver, Jewelhart and Scooter.

Title: "Megan’s Sister War”

Author: sifukatara

Summary: Megan Hartson must learn how to balance her time between her two younger sisters. Will she be able to find it with Firefly, Fizzy and Medley’s help?

It was a normal night in Ponyland. Megan was putting Molly, Kassie and the baby ponies to bed.
Julie was spending time with Medley. Since her bedtime wasn’t until an hour before Megan’s, she had a few hours to hang out with her best pony friend. She and Medley had taken a flight near Garden Valley and they would be back soon.
“Now close your eyes and try and sleep, okay you guys?” Megan said gently. She patted some of the baby ponies and sang them a few songs before kissing Baby Rainbow Star on the cheek and leaving the room. She wanted to see what Firefly was up to. She hadn’t gone on her nighttime flight with her best friend that night because of an allergy attack that had hit a few hours ago. Firefly had suggested that they save their flight until the next day. Megan agreed, even though she was disappointed. She knew it was for the best.

Meanwhile, Julie and Medley were flying around Garden Valley. They were just heading back to Ponyland when Julie sneezed.
“Bless you,” Medley said. “Are you feeling okay, my sweet little hummingbird?”
Julie nodded.
“Uh-huh. I feel fine.”
Medley nodded and nuzzled Julie gently.
Julie sneezed again five minutes later.
“Are you sure you’re feeling okay?” Medley asked.
Julie nodded.
“I’m sure.”
Medley shrugged and the two went back to Paradise Estate.
When they got there, Julie dismounted from Medley, thanked her for the flight and patted her pretty Medley’s mane. SHE then went into the kitchen to see what was going on.
As the little girl entered it, her kitten, Oliver, rubbed up against her leg. Julie giggled and scratched the kitten behind his ears. She loved Oliver a lot.
As Julie stood up again, she sneezed.
Just then, Megan came into the kitchen.
“Bless you. Are you feeling all right, little one?” Megan asked, using her special name for Julie.
“Yeah. I’m fine.”
Megan raised her eyebrows and checked Julie for a fever. She didn’t’ have one, but Megan still could tell something wasn’t right.
“Have you been sneezing all day, little one?” Megan asked.
Julie shook her head.
“It just started when we were coming back home,” Medley replied, coming in. She was about to give her daughter, Melody, a feeding before putting her down for bed.
Megan nodded.
“And when Julie was petting Oliver earlier today, she started to sneeze a lot more,” Medley explained. “I think Julie might be allergic to him.”
Julie shook her head. She loved Oliver too much.
“Do you think my pretty Medley’s right?” Julie asked, tears in her voice. “I don’t want to get rid of Oliver, Megan! Please don’t make us get rid of him! Please!”
Megan gave Julie a reassuring hug while ruffling her hair.
“I don’t think we’ll have to do that,” Megan said. “Oliver is your kitten and I know you love him a lot. Let’s just keep you away from him for the night and see how it goes, okay, my little one?”
Julie nodded and sniffled. She hated being away from Oliver for long periods of time.
For the rest of the night, Julie read and played a game with Molly and Fizzy. After the game was over, Megan tucked Julie in bed along with Molly.
“Can I play with Oliver tomorrow, Megan, please?” Julie asked.
Megan sighed.
“We’ll see how you feel in the morning, okay, little one?”
Julie nodded and gave Megan a hug and kiss. She then held Sagwa tightly and fell asleep to sweet dreams.
Megan sighed as she patted Julie’s shoulder and left the room. She prayed and hoped that Julie would feel better soon. Megan didn’t like it when either of her sisters were sick. It broke her heart to see Julie so sad, but she had to find out what was wrong with her little sister. And if keeping Julie and Oliver separate for a little while would do it, then that’s what Megan was going to do.

The next morning, Julie woke up feeling refreshed. She didn’t feel the need to sneeze anymore and her nose felt fine.
As Julie entered the kitchen, she sat down and poured milk over her cereal. Fizzy, Firefly and Medley, along with Cupcake and Kassie were already in the kitchen.
“Are you feeling better this morning, my sweet little hummingbird?” Medley asked, nuzzling Julie.
Julie nodded and patted Medley’s mane before giving her a hug good morning.
“Uh-huh. I’m feeling a. . . a. . . . .” Julie’s voice trailed off as she sneezed again. “. . . .a lot better.”
“Uh-oh,” Firefly said. “I think you might be right, Med.” She turned to Medley. “I think my Jules maybe allergic to Oliver after all.”
Julie shook her head. It was impposible. Oliver wasn’t even in the same room as Julie.
“Oliver isn’t even here,” Julie said, giving Firefly a look that clearly suggested the pink pegasus had done the double inside out loop too many times.
“It doesn’t matter,” Firefly said gently. “Oliver’s hair is everywhere.”
Julie nodded as she frowned and her lower lip started to quiver.
“We better talk to Megan about this,” Medley said as she nuzzled Julie again.
“Talk to Megan about what?” Megan asked as she came into the room. She patted Firefly’s mane gently and her best friend who was more like a mother to her nuzzled her.
“Talk to you about Julie possibly being allergic to Oliver,” Firefly said as she took a sip of her juice.
Megan nodded. She then got an idea. She went in search of Oliver. She found Oliver napping on the couch. Megan picked the orange kitten up and brought him into the kitchen. She set the kitten in Julie’s lap and Oliver woke up and started to purr.
Julie liked that and started to scratch Oliver behind the ears. She smiled.
“See?” Julie said. “I’m not allergic to. . . .” Julie’s sentence was interrupted as she sneezed and then started to cough a little. And then she couldn’t stop sneezing.
Megan was on her little one like a shot. She took Oliver out of the room and set him down. She then returned to the kitchen and told Medley to take Julie back to bed.
“I’ll be up to sing to you in a little bit, okay, my little one?” Megan gave Julie a kiss and hug and then set her little sister on Medley’s back.
Once Medley and Julie were gone, Megan turned to Firefly.
“I think you’re right,” she said. “I think Julie may be allergic to Oliver.”
Firefly nodded.
“I know you don’t want to believe it, and I know Julie loves Oliver. He’s her kitten. She’s had him since she was four years old, but there’s no other way around it. And there’s only one way to find out,” she said. “You have to take Julie to see Dr. Larson.”
Megan nodded and went to make an appointment. As she left the room, she heard a door slam upstairs. She knew that it couldn’t have been Julie who had done it because her little one had just left with Medley. So the only other person it could be was…
“Uh-oh, Punky trouble.”
“I think you’re right,” Megan said. She then went upstairs to see what was wrong with her little sunshine.

Meanwhile, Molly had been listening in the living room. She had run to her room in tears and flopped down on her bed.
Jewelhart jumped up onto the bed and licked her face.
“Oh Jewelhart!” Molly sobbed. “I don’t want Megan to send you away! I love you so much. I don’t want anything to happen to you!” She hugged Jewelhart close and continued to cry.
When Megan reached the room that she and Molly shared, she decided to knock instead of just going in, even though she and Molly did share a room. Molly always knocked after all.
“Go away!” Molly sobbed.
“Molly, honey, it’s Megan. Can I come in, sweetie?”
“I SAID GO AWAY!” Molly exclaimed.
Megan pushed the door open and went over to sit next to her sister. She put an arm around Molly and gave her sister a hug.
“Do you want to tell me what’s gotten you so upset, my little sunshine?”
Molly sighed.
“Do-do we have to send Jewelhart away?”
Megan shook her head.
“No! OF course not! Why would you think something like that, sweetie?”
“Be-be-because Julie is allergic to cats and she might be allergic to dogs too!” With that, Molly threw herself into Megan’s lap and sobbed her heart out.
“Aw, my little sunshine,” Megan said, patting Molly’s shoulder and starting to stroke her hair gently. “It’s okay, sweetie. Everything’s all right. We’re not going to have to get rid of Jewelhart. I promise you that. Okay?”
Molly nodded and gave Megan a hug and kiss.
“Aw, that’s my girl. Now, do you want to come back downstairs and finish your breakfast?”
Molly nodded and followed Megan downstairs. She was still feeling a little down, so Megan carried her.
When they got downstairs, Megan set Molly down in her chair and sat across from her.
Fizzy came over to Molly and nuzzled her.
“Are you okay, Molly?” Fizzy asked in concern. “You look a little sad.”
“I’m okay now,” Molly said. “I promise.” She then started to eat her breakfast and get ready for math with Mike. She loved having math with Mike. It was always a lot of fun and Mike always made the lessons interesting by tieing them to something Molly was familiar with and liked.

Meanwhile Julie was in hysterics in her bedroom. Medley and Firefly were trying to comfort her. She didn’t want to get rid of Oliver and she certainly didn’t want to go to the doctor to get allergy shots. She hated needles and she hated doctors even more. She liked Dr. Larson and Dr. Chasity, but she didn’t
like any other doctors.
“Shh,” Medley soothed. “Shh, it’s okay, my sweet little hummingbird. It’s going to be all right. I promise. Everything’s going to be okay.”
“Med’s right.” Firefly said, using Medley’s nickname. “Everything’s going to be all right. I know you don’t like needles, Jules, but I promise you everything will be okay. Hey!” She said, suddenly getting an idea. “I know just the person to talk to you about allergies and stuff. I’ll be right back.” She smirked to herself. She didn’t know why she hadn’t thought about it before. She rushed off to get Megan. She found her putting Baby Rainbow Star down for a nap. She was feeling a little sick.
“Can I talk to you for a moment, my sweet girl?” Firefly asked as she watched Megan put Baby Rainbow Star down for her nap.
Megan nodded.
“Yup. Just let me get my precious one down first.” She gave her daughter a kiss and a hug before tucking her in and turning off the light. “I love you, my precious one. Mama loves you so much. I’ll see you when you wake up. Sweet dreams, sweetie.”
After Megan got onto Firefly’s back, Firefly took her to
Julie’s room where Julie was almost getting sick from being upset.
“Aw, little one,” Megan said gently, coming over and putting her hand on Julie’s shoulder, “aw, it’s okay, little one. It’s going to be okay. I promise. Come here. I think you and I need to take a walk.” Megan picked Julie up and carried her
out of the Estate. She set Julie down and took her sister’s hand. They walked along a familiar path that Megan knew by heart. She wanted to take a nice walk with her sister without having to worry about getting lost.
“It’s going to be okay, sweetie. I promise. Oliver isn’t going to leave Ponyland. Hee lives here with you. And I’m going to get you some medicine so you can still be around him, okay?”
Julie nodded, but she was still crying.
“I don’t want to get any needles!” She wailed.
“Aw, Julie, sweetie, I promise it’s going to be okay. I got the same tests you’re going to get. Remember when I had my first ever allergy attack back when I was twelve?”
Julie nodded. She had been seven at the time, but she still remembered it like it was yesterday. It was a good thing that Megan was with their Aunt Abby then or else she might not have gotten the medical care that she needed.
It took the doctors awhile, but they finally figured out what was wrong with Megan.
“And after the doctors found out what I was allergic too, they gave me some medicine and now I’m okay for the most part. I can still go to Flutter valley, can’t I?”
Julie nodded.
“Then that means once I take you to Dr. Larson and get those tests done, Dr. Larson can give you some medicine and that means you’ll be able to spend time with Oliver again.”
“But I don’t want any needles!” She wailed again. She let out a wail like a fireengine and launched herself at her big sister.
Megan picked Julie up and gave her a kiss and hug. She then started stroking Julie’s hair and rubbing her back. As she did this, Julie started calming down. She was attached to Megan for the rest of the night. She didn’t want to be anywhere without her big sister.

Later that night, Julie awoke around two-thirty in the morning, crying. She had just had a nightmare about her upcoming doctor’s appointment that was for the next day. Julie
crept out of bed and into the hallway. She knew who she wanted and it wasn’t Medley. Normally, Julie would have gone to Medley’s room first, but right
now, Julie just wanted her big sister.

Julie crept into Megan’s room and pushed open the door gently. She then crept over to Megan’s bed and climbed in beside her. Julie laid down and counted
to three on her fingers. When she got to three, Megan awoke and pulled Julie into her arms.

“Julie, honey, what’s the matter, sweetie? Are you okay?”
Julie snuggled into Megan for a cuddle and shook her head. She buried her face in Megan’s shoulder and let out a wail like a fire engine. It was lucky for
her that her sob was muffled by Her face being buried in Megan’s shoulder, otherwise, she would have woken up Molly.

“Oh Julie, what’s the matter honey? I can’t help you unless you use your words and tell me what’s wrong. Did you have a bad dream, little one?”

Julie nodded.

“Megan, I don’t want to go to the hospital tomorrow!” She whimpered against Megan’s shoulder.

Megan nodded and started stroking Julie’s hair. She rubbed Julie’s back and started to sing to her, hoping that would help Julie feel better. She wanted
her little sister to get some more sleep, but she knew that wouldn’t be possible unless Julie felt safe. She wrapped her arms around Julie and gave her
a big hug. She let Julie lay her head against her shoulder and then Megan started to sing her a song that she, Megan always sang just for Julie. It was
called “Hidden Rainbows in the Sky”. She had sung that song for Julie ever since she had been born.
After Megan was done singing, she smiled gently down at her little sister as she started to sing their special song again. She loved Julie so much. After Megan sung Julie “Hidden Rainbows in the Sky” one more time Julie was almost back to sleep. Megan sung Julie “Let a Song Carry You Along” Which helped
her get off to sleep.
Megan smiled down at Julie and realized that she was fast asleep again.
She planted a kiss on Julie’s cheek and whispered, “Sweet dreams, little one. I’ll see you in the morning. I love you, Julie.” Megan then drifted off to dreamland herself.

The next morning, Julie woke up crying. She was really scared and she showed it by clinging to Megan all through breakfast and while Megan got dressed, Julie sat on her bed and waited. Julie was already ready and they were now just waiting for Firefly to finish helping Medley with Melody. Melody loved
her Auntie Firefly the best as far as aunts went.
After Firefly and Medley were done feeding Melody and getting her ready for the day, Megan jumped onto Firefly’s back and they were off to see Dr. Larson.
When they reached the hospital and they had dismounted from Firefly, Julie wrapped her arms and legs around Megan and Megan picked her up. she gave her
a kiss and hugged her close. Julie was so scared, her stomach felt like it had giant butterflies in it. She whimpered a little as Megan carried her inside
the hospital and up to the receptionist’s desk.
“Megan!” She whimpered, while clinging to her sister.
“Shh,” Megan soothed. “Hush now, sweetie. You’re okay, little one. Megan has you. What’s the matter, Jules?”
“My tummy hurts!” Julie said tearfully. “Megan, I feel like I’m going to throw up!”
“Shh, shh, hush now. Little one. It’s going to be okay. I promise.” Megan rubbed Julie’s back gently and planted a kiss on her cheek as she asked the nurse
where the bathroom was. She needed to take a bathroom break, but she also wanted to get Julie in there in case she got sick.

After the nurse directed Megan to where the bathrooms were, Megan went into the ladie’s room and sat down with Julie in her lap.
“I know you’re scared, sweetie. I know, but you’re going to be okay. I promise. I’m going to be right there with you.”
Julie nodded and tried not to throw up all over Megan. She was so scared, she didn’t know what to do. She felt safe with Megan, but she just wanted to go back home to Ponyland. She wanted to be anywhere but here. Without warning, Julie hiccupped and threw up. this just got her more upset. She let out a wail like a fire engine and tried to bury her face in Megan’s shoulder.
Megan got Julie into a stall before she got sick again. she sat down and pulled Julie’s hair back and started rubbing her shoulder gently. she knew her little sister was just really scared and that’s where her upset stomach was coming from. But as she put a hand to Julie’s forehead, she was dismayed to
discover that Julie had a fever.
“Does anything hurt besides your tummy, honey?” Megan asked in concern.
Julie shook her head as she leaned over and threw up again.
Megan nodded and continued to rub Julie’s back and stroke her hair gently.
“It’s okay, little one,” She said. “It’ll be all right.” Megan then began to wonder if Firefly’s reasoning was true. She began to wonder if Julie really was allergic to cats, and not just getting sick. But then again, that was why they were down at the hospital in the first place.
After a few minutes, Megan came out of the bathroom just in time to meet Dr. Larson.
“Julie’s feeling a little sick now,” Megan said. “She just threw up, and she has a little fever.”
“Don’t worry, Megan,” Dr. Larson said. “We’ll run some tests and make Miss Julie all better again.”
“I hope so,” Megan said. “She’s been sneezing a lot lately, but we don’t know if she’s getting a cold, or of she’s allergic to our pet cat. Julie always seems to be sneezing when the cat’s around. At least lately.”
“I see,” Dr. Larson said as she led Megan and Julie into a nearby exam room.
Megan sat Julie on the examining table and sat down beside her in a chair. She stroked Julie’s hair gently as Dr. Larson came over and started to examine her.
“Okay, sweetie-pie,” Dr. Larson said, rubbing Julie’s hair. “Let’s have a look and see what we can do about making you feel better.”
“No needles,” Julie said. “I don’t want any needles!”
“Aw, honey, I need to put a needle in for a minute. I have to start an IV. That’s the only way you’re going to feel better.”
“No needles! No needles! Please no needles!”
Megan rubbed Julie’s shoulder gently and planted a kiss on her cheek.
“Shh, shh, hush now, little one. It’s going to be okay, Julie. I promise. It’s going to be all right. I’m right here, little one. Megan’s right here.” Megan then started to sing Julie “Hidden Rainbows in the Sky” hoping it would calm her down a little. It did the trick, at least until Dr. Larson prepared to stick the IV in.
Julie let out a wail like a fire engine and tried to bury her face in Megan’s shoulder.
Megan just continued to sing and hush Julie gently. It worked and Dr. Larson was able to rehydrate Julie without her being any the wiser.
After Julie was a little calmer, Dr. Larson took Megan into the hallway to talk in private.
“I just wanted to let you know that Julie is definitely allergic to cats. And I’m afraid the only test that will confirm that is one that involves a needle. Remember the one you got when we did the pollen allergy test?”
Megan nodded and frowned. She remembered all right. It hurt like heck and she was actually crying when Dr. Larson did it. Megan never normally cried when she went to the doctor or hospital unless she was really feeling sick or her allergies or asthma was giving her a hard time. Other than that, she was fine
in the raindrop department.
“Can I stay with her?” Megan asked.
“Sure. That’s what I was going to say. You know how to calm Julie down easier than Jeanie or I could and Julie needs to stay perfectly still when we do this test. You can’t even hold her. I know that’s not going to go over well with her, but you can stroke her hair and hold her hand.”
Megan nodded and cringed. She didn’t like the sound of this at all. She remembered having that particular test done and it was no picnic at Paradise Estate. That was for sure.
She had spent the entire time crying into Firefly’s mane and when the test was done, Megan was in pain and not wanting anything but to go back to Ponyland and sleep.
“Can I talk to her?” Megan asked. “I know you’re the doctor and all, but I think I know a way to get her to relax.”
“Sure. You’ve had the test done at least three times so you know what Miss Julie’s in for. I’m really sorry I have to do this, Megan. I really am, but it’s the only way to figure this out. I’m going to get Jeanie and get the stuff. I’ll be back.” She left Megan at the exam room door.
Megan took a deep breath and walked into the room. She came over to Julie and took her sister into her lap. She started stroking Julie’s hair and rubbing her back in a calming sort of way.
“Megan! I don’t want to get any-“ Julie cried, but Megan hushed her gently.
“Shh, hush now, little one. It’s okay. I’m going to be right here with you the whole time. Dr. Larson has to do this one last test and then we can go bye-byes after that. I promise. We’ll be able to go home and you can spend time with Medley and I’ll bet she’ll even take you on a nice flight.”
Julie nodded but she let out a fire engine like wail and buried her face in Megan’s shoulder.
When Dr. Larson and Dr. Chasity came back, Dr. Chasity said hi to Megan and patted Julie’s shoulder affectionately.
When Julie looked up and saw Jeanie, she felt a little bit better. She liked Dr. Larson, but Jeanie was her favorite doctor by far. She was nice and she knew how to explain things in a way that made them less scary even though they were sometimes very painful.
Jeanie gave Julie a reassuring look.
“I know you’re afraid of needles, sweetie, but this has to be done. Your sister can stay with you and hold your hand, but you’re going to have to lay still.”
Julie nodded. She had already started to cry again.
Megan gave Julie a hug and kissed her cheek gently. she then held the bucket out in case Julie neded it, which she did.
Dr. Larson then put some medicine into Julie’s IV to help with her stomachache and helped her to lay back down.
Megan sat on a chair near Julie’s bed and started to hum softly. It was a song Julie knew and liked. Megan was humming “There’s Always Another Rainbow”.
Julie started to feel a little relaxed, but not by much.
“Now, I want you to close your eyes,” Megan instructed gently. “I’m right here, sweetie. I’m not going anywhere. I want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself in a place that makes you feel safe and happy. Can you tell me where you are?”
Julie thought hard and then replied, “Flutter Valley”
Megan smiled. She knew Julie would say that.
Dr. Larson gave Megan a curious look.
“It’s a place not far from where we live,” Megan explained. “It has lots of flowers and Julie loves to go there and pick them.”
“Oh yeah?” Jeanie asked, trying to get Julie involved in a nice, easy conversation. “What do you make with them, honey? Do you like making reefs?”
Julie nodded.
“Yes.” She said.
“I liked doing that when I was your age too!” Jeanie said. “I used to make them for holiday presents and everything like that. Once I made one for my hair and pretended to be Pocahontas.”
Julie giggled at this. She really did like Jeanie.
“Okay, now I’m going to count to three,” Dr. Larson told Julie. “And then I’m going to stick the needle in your ankle. Squeeze Megan’s hand as hard as you need to, but please, sweetie, you can’t pull away, okay?”
Julie nodded and let out a fire engine like wail that broke Megan’s heart. She wanted nothing more than to take her little sister away from all of this, but she knew she couldn’t. she then realized something. She pulled the heart shaped locket from around her neck and said, “Dr. Larson wait. I have an idea.
Julie, sweetie, can you sit up for Megan? I’m going to give you something that might help you feel better.”
Julie sat up with Jeanie’s help and Megan slipped her beloved and cherished necklace around Julie’s neck. “There.” She said. “Now, you should feel better. The Rainbow of Light will protect you.”
“Can you sing “There’s Always Another Rainbow”, Megan, please!” Julie asked tearfully.
“Sure,” Megan said. She took a deep breath and started to sing. As she continued the song, Julie started feeling relaxed. It didn’t last for long though.
As soon as Dr. Larson put the needle in, Julie let out the loudest wail Megan had ever heard apart from when she, Megan was hospitalized from being hurt by her abusive ex-boyfriend, Ryan Cummings.
Megan rubbed Julie’s back and started stroking her hair, but it was no use.
By the time the test was done, Julie was in hysterics and had thrown up three more times. all she wanted was Megan.
“Shh,” Megan soothed as she helped Julie to sit up and took the Rainbow of Light back. She put it around her own neck, made sure the chain was secure and then took her very upset little sister into her lap. ‘SHh, hush now, Julie. It’s okay, little one. You’re going to be okay. Everything’s okay now. You’re
safe and sound in my arms where you belong. You’re safe and sound in Megan’s arms where you belong. Megan has you now. I’m here, honey. Shh, shh, shh. It’s okay. It’s all right. SHh. That’s a girl. Shh.” Megan continued to soothe Julie until the child calmed down a little.
“I want Medley!” Julie cried suddenly, burying her face in her sister’s shoulder. “I want Medley! I want my pretty Medley! I want my pretty Medley!”
“Shh,” Megan soothed. S”hh, hush now, sweetie. It’s okay, little one. We’ll go home soon. We’re going home in a few minutes. I promise and then you can spend some time with Medley and Firefly, okay? And Baby Cotton Candy and Scooter.”
“I want Medley!” Julie continued to sob.
She was really feeling bad and she just wanted a sense of comfort and familiarity right now. She knew she was safe with Megan and she wanted to be in Megan’s arms and have her big sister comfort her, but she also wanted her pretty Medley.
“Megan, my ankle hurts!” Julie
cried. “It hurts really bad!”
“Shh, hush now, little one. You’re going to be okay. I promise. You’re going to feel better soon.” She planted a kiss on Julie’s head just as Dr. Larson and Jeanie came back.
“Well, we’ve found out what’s going on with Miss Julie,“ Dr. Larson said. She sat down across from Megan and Julie while Jeanie sat next to them and started rubbing Julie’s back gently. she then produced a syringe that had a pain killer in it and stuck it in Julie’s shoulder.
Julie didn’t even notice because of the pain she was in and the fact that Jeanie had started to comfort her before she did it. that was what Julie liked about Jeanie the most. Jeanie knew how to do painful procedures without making them more painful.
“There ya go, sweetie. Now that should make you feel better.” She gave Megan the rest of the medicine and a few more syringes.
“Isn’t there a medicine she can drink?” Megan asked. She hated needles too and she didn’t like giving them to her little sisters.
Jeanie shook her head.
“I’m afraid not ,sweetheart. I wish there was, but there’s not.” She patted Julie’s shoulder again and then gave her a gentle kiss on her head. “I’ll see you later, sweets. Be good for your sister and Aunt Abby, okay?”
Julie nodded and continued to cry from pain. She didn’t want to leave Megan’s lap for anything.
Before they left, Dr. Larson gave them some allergy medicine that was also in shot form.
“Give this to Julie when she wakes up, after lunch and before she goes to bed. it should help her not to sneeze as much and it should also help if she gets any headaches or anything.” She handed it to Megan, who put it into her pocket.
After that, Megan thanked Dr. Larson and Dr. Chasity and left with Julie in her arms.
“We’re going home now, sweetie, “ Megan told a still very upset Julie. “We’re going back to Ponyland now. You’ll be able to spend time with Medley.” She gave Julie a kiss on her forehead and held her close as she mounted Firefly for the journey back home to Ponyland.

To Be continued…
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