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Apr. 6th, 2006 @ 10:21 am [Story] "A Paladin's Rite" A MLP Fanfic (Short)
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This story features Minty

In order of appearance: Minty.
Pictures linked from Ponytopia.com.

“A Paladin’s Rite”

A My Little Pony Fan-Fic
By Swift Fox (2006)

“…and by the light of Luna and the warmth of Sol I pledge my life to thee.” The young knight finishes yet another round of prayer as the rite calls for when his alert senses pick up the sound of something moving nearby. “Success.” He thinks to himself and quickly tempers it with caution, “Easy now. Don’t want to scare it away.”

Slowly he lets his head rise as he turns his eyes in the direction of the sound. Light hooves step gaily upon the soft loam of the glade, lightly brushing aside the lush grass. His head level now the knight’s eyes grow wide in shock and surprise when they fall upon a pastel mint green horse with a long, flowing and shimmering mane and tail in a complimentary shade of pink. Even more concerning is the equine’s size. Standing no more than perhaps eight hands at the shoulder surely this beast must not be the grand warhorse he had tithed and meditated on.

“Hi!” The horse says with an obvious smile, ears perked forward, “I’m Minty!”

“Great Gods above!” The knight says without even realizing it. He stumbles back a bit, standing up to his full height, armor clinking and metal pieces sliding across each other, and reaches for his sword.

The pony seems un-phased and looking at the strange garb this man is wearing she says the only thing natural to her, “Oh, you definitely need some warm comfy socks. Those grey ones you’re wearing look worn out and very uncomfortable. Sit down and I’ll help you.”

The knight recoils as the small green pony takes a step forward. He brings the point of his sword to bear and commands, “Stay back you talking demon horse.” With some exertion the knight pulls upon his familiarity of good and righteousness to sense whether a thing of evil is standing before him or manipulating this illusion from somewhere nearby. But his efforts reveal that no evil is afoot.

The pony does not seem to realize or understand her peril. She’s mumbling to herself, “Perhaps my light blue socks? Nah. Oh! I know! The rainbow striped ones! That’ll lend a splash of color to that drab grey outfit. Or…maybe not…”

“What brings you here beast? Why do you interrupt my rite and meditation?” The knight asks poignantly, adding quickly, “I have no need of your socks, especially if they are pink.”

“My name is Minty and I’m not really sure why I’m here myself.” She answers brightly, “I was in Ponyland, organizing my socks by color…I so love my socks…and then suddenly I found myself in this strange forest with an urge to walk towards here. When I found you kneeling there I was elated and hoped you might explain what is going on and maybe help me get back home. I have so many socks that I have to get put away before Skywishes and Bowtie come over later so we can go fly kites with Thistle Whistle and Coconut Grove. The rainbow socks then. Now all I have to do is get back to my stable I’ll give them to you.”

“Ahh, I see. The Gods in their infinite wisdom have seen fit to send me a pony to raise and train to be a strong and cunning warhorse.” The knight rationalizes, “Yet another test of my abilities that I will embrace like those which came before.”

Minty giggles upon hearing all this, “Raise? Train? I’m not a baby pony. I’m already all grown up and while being a war horse sounds like a fun game my big brothers would probably love to play, it’s not something a pony like me is interested in. How ‘bout we go for sundaes at Cotton Candy’s Café instead? After we get you your socks of course.”

“What is this infatuation with socks that you have?” The knight asks, sheathing his sword. He fumbles to nonchalantly unfasten the length of rope he has tied to his backpack and tie it into a lasso.

“Oh, I dunno. It’s just my thing. They’re so warm, and fuzzy, and cozy, and colorful, and they look good on my hooves…” Minty prattles on and on unaware of what the man is doing. She looks back at the man and her eyes go wide now as she suddenly realizes that the loop of the lasso is seconds from being placed around her neck. Minty rears back, whinnies in shock and bolts toward the forest just in time.

“Blast!” the knight shouts, whirling the loop over his head and quickly letting it fly towards the fleeing green pony.

The loop falls just short and seconds later Minty bursts through the brush and into the forest. The light grows darker and darker, and the trees grow closer together the further into the wood she goes. The forest closes in upon the pony, as if trying to keep her from running further so that now she can barely see where she’s running. Her heart racing, her mind begging for her to turn around and go back, out of this pitch black frightening forest, and panic finally overwhelms her.

Minty let out a terrified whinny and bolts upright in her bed, the blankets strewn about and lying mostly on the floor. As she catches her breath, her eyes adjust to her dim room lit by her night light. A pile of socks sits on the table waiting to be matched and folded and she lets out a sigh of relief. “Home.” She says quietly, “It was just a bad dream.”

Her seriousness fades quickly enough as she begins to laugh harder and harder. The socks on top of the pile are the pink ones she had said would go perfectly on the strangely dressed man. “Yep.” She laughs to herself, “Those would have been just right.”

Gathering her blankets back up and over her, Minty lays her head back onto her pillow, a pair of her favorite socks held close to her chest. “What a strange dream.” The little pony thinks. Her body wracks a few times with some residual chuckles before sleep finally returns to her.


I hope you enjoyed this little snippet. It was based on a humorous little gaming note I wrote up a few days ago where a character’s D&D Paladin character is bestowed a My Little Pony to be their warhorse.

2. After questing for three levels, making the appropriate offering and meditating for an entire night in a secluded glade, your Paladin receives as his mount, Shady, a first generation My Little Pony. (If you’re a fan of the new generation of MLP’s replace Shady with Minty.)

Needless to say my wife and I are still laughing about it and on the ride to work today she came up with the whole exchange regarding replacing the knight’s armored shoes with warm, comfy, colorful socks. The whole scene just begged to be written down.

If you liked it, let me know. :)
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